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Colgate-Palmolive | Multiple Projects

Colgate-Palmolive | Multiple Projects

Packaging, line extensions, label adaptations, key visuals and countless Below-The-Line for Colgate-Palmolive’s brands. Key visual for Palmolive Sensorial line. Tropical Escape, Refreshing Fruits and Delicious Orchid variants. Palmolive Body Care. Key visual for shampoo line. POP campaign’s Key visual and applications.

Mondelēz | BTL, multiple projects

Mondelēz | BTL, multiple projects Mondelez BTL_Multiple

Mondelēz_BTL. Below-The-Line / In Store marketing campaigns and concepts, key visuals and designs for Mondelēz’s brands. Key visual and print for Trident Senses launch. Key visual, sampler packaging and print for Trident Twist launch. Key visual, displays, car graphics and print for Trident Senses Sakis Rouvas launch. Dentyne Outdoor Ads. Concept and visuals for the […]

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