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Frezyderm. Sales and consumers brochures for Frezyderm’s product lines. Frezyderm Cream Boosters Velvet Concetrate brochure and key visual. Frezyderm Oral Science sales brochures. Brochure Design for Frezyderm Ac-norm line, for the treatment of acne. Designs for multipage booklets for Baby Line and Sensitive Kids baby care products. Frezypedia Holistic, a multipage corporate edition.

ΟΠΑΠ_Kino & Tzoker

ΟΠΑΠ_Kino & Tzoker ΟΠΑΠ_Kino & Tzoker

ΟΠΑΠ Kino & Tzoker. Kino & Tzoker Coupon Redesign.An updated look with enhanced clarity and boosted elements that drive sales. before after While Tzoker is the most inclusive game in OPAP’s portfolio, the confusing layout required huge effort on the part of players to understand the game mechanics. A new, well structured coupon was developed […]

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