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Colgate-Palmolive | Multiple Projects

Colgate-Palmolive | Multiple Projects

Packaging, line extensions, label adaptations, key visuals and countless Below-The-Line for Colgate-Palmolive’s brands. Key visual for Palmolive Sensorial line. Tropical Escape, Refreshing Fruits and Delicious Orchid variants. Palmolive Body Care. Key visual for shampoo line. POP campaign’s Key visual and applications.

Creta Farms | Multiple projects

Creta Farms | Multiple projects Creta Farms_Multiple

Creta Farms. Branding and packaging for ΕνΕλλάδι mini sub-brand. Super Parizaki and Green Line packaging. Total re-branding for Tostaki line up of cold cuts. Branding and packaging for Creta Farms Mini En Elladi sub-brand. Branding and Packaging for the Creta Farms green product line. On-shelf sliced and behind the counter products. Creta Farms En Elladi […]

Sarantis Group | Multiple projects

Sarantis Group | Multiple projects Sarantis Group_Multiple

Sarantis Group. Packaging for C-THRU and B.U. female fragrances, Carroten Vitamin Power suncare sprays and STR8 Challenger fragrance line for men. C-THRU packaging under the precious stones concept.​ Development of 6 new variants for B.U. female fragrance line. Logo and packaging for Vitamin Power sun screens with fruit extracts. Logo and packaging for STR8 Challenger […]

Mondelēz | Packaging, multiple projects

Mondelēz | Packaging, multiple projects Mondelez Packaging_Multiple

Mondelēz Packaging Packaging for Dentyne, Jacobs, V6 and promo packaging for Cadbury Drinking Chocolate. ID and Packaging for Dentyne White Spearmint, Peppermint and Gren Tea gums. ID, packaging and logo for Jacobs’ Flavours sub brand. Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnut and Vanilla variants. Packaging for V6 White and V6 Green Tea bottle. Promo Packaging for Cadbury Drinking […]

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